For smarter and faster R&D


The first compact cluster system for R & D

The SC-1 is our flagship deposition system that enables to research and develop the materials of the future. It features an innovative patent-pending cluster-design to create a compact, modular and fully automated multi-deposition equipment:

Capable of performing both Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) without breaking the vacuum to fabricate films with hundreds of multinanolayers.

No need for mechanical arms or antechambers; which significantly slow down the process, increase the complexity, lab space required and the investment costs.

Modular and flexible system that allows to easily adapt new hardware and incorporate to our software.



Substrate Sizes

4 in. wafers

6 in. wafers

Different substrate holders available


Up to 400 °C

A gradient of 30 °C to 500 °C using our Temperature Gradient Stage

ALD Precursor Lines

Up to 12 precursors with individual inlets - bottles and bubblers


Up to 4 magnetrons with 3 in. targets


L x W x H (1250 mm x 600 mm x 1210 mm)


Microwave plasma sources (PE-ALD)

In-situ wafer stress measurements

Customized ports and flanges

ALD-PVD Materials

Al2O3, TiO2, ZnO, Y2O3, ZrO2, HfO2, Cu, Al, Ti, and more...


Mass Flow Controllers

4 Analog MFC

60 Digital MFC

Pneumatic (ALD) valves

24 valves

Pressure Sensors

4 Analog

Gate valves

3 gate valves with feedback

Flow meters

4 Flow meters


16 Channel PID regulation with K-Type sensors

4 PT100/PT1000


8 Interlock in

12 Interlock out

Additional Connections

2 Ethernet

2 RS485


The combination of ALD and PVD layers creates a unique microstructure with improved mechanical and thermal properties.



With the benefits of both ALD and PVD

Multinanolayered Materials

Hundreds of multinanolayers of multiple material systems from the PVD and ALD materials library can be fabricated. The combination of ALD and PVD layers creates unique microstructures and properties to fit in your desired application.

Combinatorial Approach

The ALD-PVD microstructure can be further tailored with different film thicknesses along the cross-section and with different deposition temperatures throughout your substrate and process using our temperature gradient stage (TGS).


Customizable and Upgradable


The ALD and PVD chambers in the SC-1 can be acquired and operated individually and then be upgraded to a cluster system. New hardware components or in-situ metrology equipment can be added and incorporated to our software and recipe creator.


By reducing the need of antechambers and mechanical arms, we reduce the complexity and lab space required.


Accelerating R & D


The system is fully automated; all the devices and components are connected to our easy-to use software. Hundreds of multinanolayers with both ALD and PVD can be fabricated with the push of a button.

Smart R & D

The temperature gradient stage (TGS) allows to screen a large temperature window to scan precursors, growth rates, microstuructures, chemical compositions, mechanical behaviour and more in a single deposition.


Plug-and-Play functionality for beginner and advanced users.

Recipe Creator

With our easy-to use recipe creator, complex recipes can be made easy in order to fabricate hundreds of multinanolayers with different parameters in both ALD and PVD process during the deposition.


The easy attachable/detachable panels makes this equipment extremely easy to replace, clean and service the parts.

The SC-1 can be customized to meet your requirements.

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