To meet your precise demands

Custom Solutions

ALD & PVD Experts

We specialize in providing a range of technical, scientific, and engineering services to meet diverse needs. 

POC coatings

R & D of new coating materials and combinations

Process Development

Implementation of a new material into industrial production 

System Controls

Personalised Electronics and Software control for old and new deposition equipment.

Innovative Concepts

Design and development of customised coating systems

Component Integration

Incorporation to glovebox and other deposition systems

We take your material challenges and take it to production—from proof-of-concept to the design and development of the industrial coating system.

Our Approach


Analysis of your demands and requirements

- The (2D or 3D) parts to coat and coating material

- Throughput required 

- Footprint and integration 

Proof-of-concept coatings

Definition of the concept 


Concept design of the reaction chambers, gas delivery system, exhaust and integration

Simulations (CFD, temperature, mechanical stresses, etc. )for homogeneously coating your particular 2D and 3D objects

Design of hardware and software with our concepts aimed to reduce overall process times : Loading/unloading, heat up/cool down and a homogenous coating process


Fabrication and assembly 

Testing of the system 

Process development and optimization of times

Materials characterization


Delivery of system

Training on-site

Technical and Scientific support

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

We can design, fabricate, and install your next coating system

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